The discipline of working equitation

The discipline of working equitation was created to celebrate the partnership between horse and rider with a focus on versatility, agility, athleticism and training. Open to all breeds of horse and levels of rider, Australian National Working Equitation upholds the principles of classical dressage.

Working equitation was pioneered by four countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France, with the first International competition being held in 1996. In 2004, the World Association for Working Equitation was established to govern the sport internationally. Since that time, the sport has continued to grow around the world.


Australian National Working Equitation Ltd.

Australian National Working Equitation Limited is the official governing body for working equitation in Australia having signed a Protocol Agreement with the World Association of Working Equitation in 2016.

Current Board

Chair: Ann Hughes (Western Australia)

Deputy Chair: Andrew Mulligan (New South Wales)

Treasurer: Stacey Maynard (Victoria)

Director: Lanie Clark (Victoria)

Director: Kim Stapleton (New South Wales)

Director: Lyndie Panitz (Queensland)


The Board is supported by two subcommittees that assist with the development of working equitation in Australia:

  • The Technical Subcommittee offer technical expertise in reviewing and developing the rule book as well as providing support and guidance for implementation of activity at a regional level.
  • The Education and Performance Subcommittee exists to assist with the oversight and responsibilities relating to the development of working equitation judges, coaches and competition.

Governance Documentation

Members are able to access through the MEMBER INFORMATION area copies of Australian National Working Equitation Ltd constitution, subcommittee charters, strategy and policies.

State Association Directory

New South Wales


Western Australia