Joining a Club is a great way to learn about working equitation and improve your riding.

There are Clubs across Australia that run a variety of working equitation clinics, training days and competitions. Contact your local Australian National Working Equitation STATE ASSOCIATION to find a Club near you.

Membership Benefits

Membership registration is simple using NOMINATE to join the ultimate equestrian discipline.

Working Equitation is not just a great way to keep you and your horse fit, have fun and meet new friends, this sport for all ages also rewards its participants with significant mental and social gains. For all its individuality, working equitation can be a great social opportunity. Riding as part of a team, joining a group lesson or clinic, bringing a plate of food to a social riding day, or heading away with a group of friends for an inter Club competition – are all ways in which working equitation brings people together.

The flow-on effects from this are obvious – it helps you make new friends, expand your social circles, meet like-minded people, and build networks.

As a member of Australian National Working Equitation you can access our MEMBERS INFORMATION area where you can download information that will help you connect, achieve your riding goals and participate in competition, training programs and workshops.


Help shape working equitation and contribute to the development of the sport. Join as a volunteer member, be part of Club, make new friends and enjoy the excitement of horses and the ultimate experience of working equitation.


What if there isn’t a Club near me?

Virtual competitions are available for riders who like a challenge at home.

Alternatively why not start a club? Get a few likeminded working equitation enthusiasts together and you are off to a great start. For further help and advice on starting a Club contact your local Australian National Working Equitation STATE ASSOCIATION.

A detailed Club Starter Pack is available in our MEMBER INFORMATION area which will have you galloping into establishing a working equitation Club.



A regular session with a qualified working equitation Coach is a great way improve your riding and train your horse. Coaches generally work at one or more clubs where they will run a variety of group sessions or individual lessons.


Australian National Working Equitation is proud to offer working equitation Judge Accreditation courses. Our Accreditation courses aim to provide the education requirements on how to judge all phases of working equitation in a consistent and fair manner.

NB; Judge Accreditation must be updated every 2 years by attending a two (2) day clinic